Q: Is getting pest control harmful to humans and pets?

A: In today’s time products for pest control has evolved and they are now not harmful to humans or pets. All products used by the pest control company are all certified.

Q: Can one pest control treatment be done to eliminate all unwanted pests?

A: Generally it does not take only one treatment it can take up to at least 4 treatments to clear the unwanted pests and the pest control company will possibly advise there after once a month depending on how bad the infestation is.

Q: Is it good to get fumigation done on your house?

A: If you want to get rid of all pests within your home then yes getting a fumigation done on your house is worthwhile, however it is a process and you would need to be out of the house for at least 2 days.

Q:  When should one get pest control done?

A: If you have an infestation or moving into a new house or apartment then it is best to get in pest control.

Q: If you just see one cockroach should you get pest control in?

A: Yes even if you just see one cockroach, there are probably others it is best to nip it in the bud.  The pest control company will come and do an inspection to see where the cockroaches are coming from and will then advise on the process that will need to be done from there.

Q: Do pest controls also help in getting rid of bed bugs?

A: yes all pest control companies can assist with getting rid of bed bugs.

Q: Do the chemicals used for the pest control leave a smell?

A:Nowadays chemicals do not have a smell to them but are very potent in getting rid of unwanted pests.